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You will NOI get any references. You will NOT get David himself.

Which is a good thing. You will get lessons that are six weeks apart and when you ask for a lesson sooner, he'll ask you if our dog heels one step behind us. He once said that Cesar Millan doesn't know what he's talking about.

My husband told him that we paid for our dog to listen from a distance and he blew up on him on the phone.

All this guy does is keep taking people's hard-earned money. Reported him to BBB which I noticed he had about ten people with unsolved cases. Figures.

Don't let this guy or his trainers near your dog. You'll regret it big time.

Monetary Loss: $795.

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Roseville, California, United States #647294

Oh wow. He told me the same thing. He said that he's recognized and recommended by CNN, Fox, the animal planet, geography channel and he hasn't even ran a commercial with them.

Dave, you know you need help and your dog training is very cruel and inhumane like YOU are. The poor dogs look all sad and stiff around you. All the pics and videos on your cheesy website proves it.

I'm sure you'd love to confront me too and then rape me and disfigure or sue the *** out of me as you been telling everyone in here.

Roseville, California, United States #646034

It isn't like you can call this person and verify anything.

In response, a good chunk of my business is from the law enforcement, medical and legal communities. No one has better references than I do. I have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I have never been sued by a customer, much less had a complaint like this PHONY, ANONYMOUS person claims.

America used to be the place where you were entitled to confront you accusers.

How would you like some anonymous person trying to hatefully destroy your livelihood by saying horrible things about you personally----and there was no way to confront the person or call your accuser's own integrity into question?

Roseville, California, United States #646026

This is going too far. I have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have never been sued. Real people with real complaints sue in court or go to the Better Business Bureau where they have to give their names, addresses and telephone numbers.


I would've given this company a negative review, but I don't think it will let me.

I was looking into a dog trainer for my sister's dog. My sister lives in CA and I offered to help her find a reliable

trainer. I have my own two dogs, and I have had them trained. Thus, I had the experience to know what was bad ju-ju in

trainers and what would be amazing. I also had the extra time to sit around checking out the information for her.

I looked at yelp first for ALL of the companies I was considering. This was one of the ones that stood out to me. I decided

to give ALL the companies I had researched, the benefit of the doubt. I gave each one of them a call separately on separate

days (I got busy myself). This company stood out for all of the WRONG reasons.

I didn't get through to Dave right away, as his assistant (a girl?) answered the phone and said he'd call me back.

Okay...two days later I got a call back around 7pm. Odd, I figured they'd be closed by then and I HATE it when people call

after 5pm (but we are different time zones so I let it slide).

First of all, my first question is always going to be about the reviews and if they are truthful or not. Two sides to every

story, and whatnot. I wanted to make sure my sister wouldn't be scammed and that he knew or at least his trainers knew what

they were doing. However, I never got past that very first question.

I would still have hired David Baron to do our training (or his trainers) if he'd been cordial on the phone. He was far from

cordial. Soon as the words left my mouth about the reviews (never got farther then that), he started in with the threats.

Let's see...he said he'd rape, disfigure, and murder me (another reviewer also posted this, so I'm not at all surprised).

Apparently, he then had the clarity to realize he has no idea where I live or WHAT my full name is (duh!). He threatened to

hunt me down and THEN stand outside my house. LOL Then he said he'd kill my husband, and then use my c*nt *** to do it's

"job". Apparently, he has little respect for women. My husband is military too and would level this bully in less than a

heartbeat. Whatever.

I hung up, but apparently I had given them my email. So I got a nice response back. Pretty much along the same lines as some

of the other reviewers have said. He threatened me again, and told me if I knew what was good for me..I wouldn't report him

to either the authorities, or say anything bad about him. Newsflash ***: Show up at my house, and you'll see my 9mm shoved

against your head. Good luck with that.

Before he tries to attempt to comment on MY review, a few key facts here. I am NOT his competitor. I am NOT writing this

out of spite. I feel that OTHERS should be warned about him as well. I also do NOT work for yelp, or have any connection

with them - other then writing this review and others. I am NOT attempting to "blackmail him". As per a "real" person

writing their name - he loves to respond with this - the reason it's called the internet is because it's supposed to be

anonymous. It's not being a coward to not write down my full name. It's called a REVIEW and MY OPINION OF YOU! You can't

act like your *** don't stink anymore, David. He will obviously say I never contacted him, but I'm sure the smarter

readers will understand what I am conveying here.

Also, some side notes. He's no longer a member of the BBB and IF he is - he has a very low rating, with numerous complaints.

He has 3 websites to bring in the customers, but none of them are accurate. He's a bully. Also, Dr Debbie Homemaker is a

pseudonym of his that he uses to either outright attack posters, or to boost his company's image. I would also suggest not

listening to any "former" employees, or anyone directly related to his company as they are completely biased. It's fairly


I would also like to quote one of his own responses on here for you:

"Anonymous poison pen confirms nothing because there is no telephone number or email address to contact the person

complaining so as to verify anything. "

Remember, he will email you..and basically stalk you if he doesn't like what you said. Good luck to everyone that

posted negative reviews. I'm so sorry you had to put up with him, AND give him your money. I also have a feeling that the

other posters are correct in stating that he abuses his dogs. If he abuses people like this, it would be ZERO surprise to me

that he would hurt an animal too. Hence, I feel his websites (all what? 3-5?) are FRAUD. I also believe - and this might be

speculation - that he uses so many websites, and company names just so people can't negatively write or report him (or sue


I would suggest to all of the people he scammed, to bring him to civil court. You CAN get your money back for breach of

contract and failure to provide services.

And no I didn't use your services ***!! I asked other trainers about their reviews and they were VERY nice about it. He

went off the deep end.And no I didn't use your services ***!!!


Our white German Shepherd, Xena, was out of control before we met Dave Baron. We liked the fact that she was good natured, playful and exhibited a spark of enthusiasm, but that came with chaos.

She was hyper to the extreme, maybe would come when called, and my wife literally could not walk her because she pulled and tugged and could not be contained even with a harness or pinch collar. It wasn’t because of a lack of effort on our part. When we got her from a breeder at 8 weeks old we had already watched dozens of dog training shows and read several books, we then immediately enrolled her in a clicker class and practiced every day. All to no avail.

When she was 6 months old, we frantically searched the internet for help and found “Superdog.”

Today, after 8 months, 6 sessions, 2 weeks at Dave’s house, and practice, practice, practice, Xena is almost, but not quite, to the Superdog standard. It has not been easy, however, Dave even commented that she was probably her toughest customer. But, today we are ecstatic with her performance. She still shows her spark of exuberance occasionally, but for the most part her behavior is amazing. “Down,” “come,” “sit,” “down stay,” “sit stay,” and “heel” are a given.

She basically happily does what you ask her to do. She will “down stay” effortlessly for well over an hour and my wife can walk her at a heel position, comfortably. She is better when my wife walks her and another dog approaches. She is more responsive to me.

Yesterday, when walking her, I passed 4 yapping, feisty small dogs, and as we passed the leash did not become taut once and she continued to heel. There were 4 people walking these unruly dogs and as I passed I heard three comments: “What a beautiful dog,” “Oh, she’s still a puppy,” and “What a well-behaved dog.” We can thank Dave for that last comment. Above all, Dave is dedicated to his profession. At 2 of our visits, there was a different visiting trainer from another state learning how to train dogs from Dave.

For us, that interaction reinforced in our mind Dave’s stature in the dog training community and also showed us his openness to new ideas and approaches. Dave not only returned all our calls, but he initiated calls checking on our progress. He genuinely has taken an interest completing the job successfully. He made himself available the day after Thanksgiving because my schedule was tight, and he voluntarily took Xena in for 14 days when we were on a trip, to see what made her tick.

Upon our return, she had improved dramatically.

We are very happy that we retained Dave Baron and Superdog. Xena is one of the most well behaved dogs I know, and at the same time, has not lost her friendly and happy attitude.


he is a great dog with a mellow disposition. She likes to be with the family most of the time, and if she would stay out of our pond, we would let her in more.

However, she is a large puppy, she must be close to 140lbs, and when she wants to play, she is sometimes too aggressive. We have 2 young children ( 8 and 10) and must keep her on her leash all the time. This aggressive play is very random and so it has been very difficult to train her out of it. I would not recommend her to be with children.

She was trained by Super Dog for $1200, but of course Sophie was perfect around the trainer. I have used a shock collar,but she knows when it is on and again she is perfect. We have thought she would have out grown this behavior by now, but it is apparent to me she has another year of this, and I am not comfortable with her being with the children. She has a pedigree bloodline, but we never bothered to get her registered.

She is of course current on all shots and everything else.

We are asking a $250 rehoming fee, for her bed, shock collar, training collar and leash. Another *** UPED Dog That He Trained - This Can Be Fixed Very Easy And Not For $1200.00


I do all the lessons myself and they are about every two weeks. Yes, we have references.


This was written by another dog trainer Jaimie Scott who stalks our business. This is how Jaimie does business and competes in the marketplace. Jaimie's website has no photographs of dogs he trained or anything else to suggest he has been successful with dogs, people or in business.


please let me know what you think about his training


I've worked with guy for a while a few years ago. Want to know anything, let me know.

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