Superdog is the biggest fraud in dog training out there. Whether its the promise of training your dog or you becoming a dog trainer with Superdog, The owners only want your money.

Stay far far away from this company and the owner of Superdog because if you get in too deep you'll also be harnessed by the owner. Not only was I promised good business with dog training once I bought into the franchise I was also told I needed to move to a bigger city in order to get good clientele. Not 2 months after I moved the owner, David Baron, stated that since I was unable to pay him my monthly franchise dues he is taking me completely off all and any advertising with Superdog. This was after the promise of if I moved I'd make money with the dog training.

I'm sure it would have happened if David wouldn't have kicked me to the curb. I would have NEVER moved had I known I was going to be kicked to the side just because I was just barely starting out in a new big city that I spent every dime I had getting to because I was so sure the dog training was goin to work because of all the promises I have been made. I didn't pay my franchise dues not because I didn't want to but because I had no extra money. And I made this perfectly clear to David and the office staff at Superdog that I would have money to pay Superdog until I was getting a good clientele.

I never got that because I was counting on Superdog's advertisement. I had and have no extra cash to advertise myself.

I bought into Superdog for that very reason. I thought it was sure thing to help me get started with dog training and in return I lost everything I had saved and am struggling to even feed myself and pay for rent.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Placerville, California, United States #817333

David from Superdog is a good trainer. So many people are weak with their dogs just like their kids.

So many people spoil and give their kids everything and their kids sass them and can't even manage to clean their rooms or help in the yard without expecting something if they can get off the couch to begin with. Now we are worried about hurting our dogs feelings? Give me a break!

Does the alpha in the dog pack go and process feelings when he or she bites a dog for not following the rules? Lol

Placerville, California, United States #817330

I have two Goldendoodles and so far Dave at Superdog has been great. My dogs are very intelligent.

My female year and a half old needs an experienced one one one trainer not Wall Mart style discount cheap training. Treat training only taught her to manipulate. She figured out how to be the leader. So incredibly smart and stubborn.

Never had a dog like this. David is helping me take charge and be the leader and spent 3 hours with me the first day. Macey knew he meant business right away. I was impressed.

My husband said he does not want a dog that doesn't listen. I had to do something. That's why so many dogs are euthanized. Macey is loved and its worth the investment for me to not be angry and pulling my hair out.

We are becoming close again! One dog life improved and saved!


Superdog never fired me. I quit long ago.

But this is only words. They pretty much mean nothing.

Unless you're trying to defend something you really aren't. Who cares what reviews you get if your intentions are true.


I still work at PetSmart and they LOVE me there. Obviously this Superdog is trying to save face and its too late.

Roseville, California, United States #649755

We weren't a fraud when she worked for us, just afterward. We allowed her to go over three years without paying commission.

She was fired ENTIRELY because of references to illegal drugs on her Facebook page and for no other reason.

After she worked for us, PetSmart fired her for the exact same reason. :upset

Roseville, California, United States #649750

The person was fired for posting on Facebook references to illegal drugs. After she worked for us, she was fired at PetSmart for the same reason.

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