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David Baron from killed our dog and will not give back our money for training or the cost of our dog. His website says he doesnt use any choke chains but the vet said that the bruise on our poor dog's neck is clearly from being hung.

He kept saying to look at all the dogs' faces on his website and look at his own dogs and that's why we went with him and we are now so sorry. Our poor dog just needed obedience. Not a pit bull but just labradoodle.

My kids are crying day and night and all because of our poor decision. Please, please watch out for this monster.

Monetary Loss: $11060.

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Roseville, California, United States #646040

It isn't like you can call this person and verify anything.

In response, a good chunk of my business is from the law enforcement, medical and legal communities. No one has better references than I do. I have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I have never been sued by a customer, much less had a complaint like this PHONY, ANONYMOUS person claims.

America used to be the place where you were entitled to confront you accusers.

How would you like some anonymous person trying to hatefully destroy your livelihood by saying horrible things about you personally----and there was no way to confront the person or call your accuser's own integrity into question?

Roseville, California, United States #646017

This is going too far. I have never hurt a dog ever.

I have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have never been sued.

Real people with real complaints sue in court or go to the Better Business Bureau where they have to give their names, addresses and telephone numbers.


Oh, no, that's horrible. You should get a lawyer. :(

to Spooky #1172446

You should.. i am sure we could do a fund raising to get the money for this.. what a CREEP!!

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