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I wrote to Super Dog with interest in getting my dog trained to be a service animal for both myself and my son. I am 29, a disabled veteran with joint and mental health issues, and my son also has severe anxiety. This is the response I received from Dave Barron.

(also attached photo of the email)


All your problems are make-believe. Everyone is OCD and has Osteoarthritis. What doctors appointments, for what? Your wasting your time going down the Mental Health road. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do and act like normal people now. For Christ's sake, you child caught your HYSTERIA and you are making him sick. You need to act well for the sake of your child. Take medicines if you are depressed, but quit making your problem everyone else's. I feel sorry for your child, your husband and the dog. You need to cut the *** now though and quit mutilating yourself INTENTIONALLY TO GET ATTENTION and GARNER SYMPATHY.

Your diagnosis is you have FACTITIOUS DISORDER and are MALINGERING.

My wife told me not to respond and delete your email. I am here to help people and dogs though. Write me a letter back without the story that you never tell anyone ever again, and I will reconsider helping you with your dog. Thank you.

David Baron


P.S. My wife has breast cancer and is going to have a double mastectomy next week. That is a real problem. You have no problems. All your problems do not exist. If you have mental issues, read this letter over and over until you get it. I am not mad at you. I am trying to help you the best I can. The people that tell you that you are sick are enemies and want to hurt you and your child. They want you to be sick and utterly *** miserable. I say there is nothing wrong with you anymore and you can move on now and be happy now. Pursue your dreams, love, laugh, take pictures, relax, create something beautiful. Make yourself the life you want. Rise to the challenge of being well for your child. Again, you need to quit talking crazy or they might take away your child. That is what happens. They take the children away from crazy people so they do not harm them with their crazy act to get attention and sympathy.

Read this letter over and over again.

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You sound like a *** loser. We will be hiring him, irregardless of you kooky attempt to dissuade us.

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